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(this page updated July 29, 2021)

Visit our Farm Store to purchase Mapleton's ice cream, frozen yogurt and various meats including ground beef, sausages and various cuts of chicken. 

Farm Store hours and location information are listed here on our Contact page .  This is where we post our most recent updates regarding store hours, so please check here before heading out.

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt - Take some home!

Our premium ice cream, fresh and frozen yogurts are available for purchase.

Ice cream flavours are available in larger bulk tubs at our store including 2 litre sizes of most flavours. 

Also 5.7 litre and 11.4 litre sizes in selected flavours.

Our regular ice cream flavours are Dandelion, Mint Chocolate Chip, Vanilla, Chocolate, Ginger, Cappuccino, Vanilla Chocolate Chip, Chai, and Raspberry for ice cream.

For frozen yogurt we have Lemon, Vanilla and Strawberry. 

The selection of flavours in the 5.7L and 11.4L sizes is more limited.

The ice cream prices are 473ml $5.50 / 2L $11.25 / 5.7L $27.75 / 11.4 L $55.50 These are the prices for almost all flavours.

Specialty flavours like Maple Sugar, Lavender, Blueberry, Rum n Raisin, Pumpkin are $1-$2 more per container although the supply of specialty flavours can be limited. 

*We recommend bringing frozen gel packs and a cooler for your purchases.

Local Pastured Meats - Beef, Pork, Chicken and more.

Availability and selection fluctuate throughout the year.  As of July 2021 we have a good selection of all types of meat including chicken, pork and beef.

* Frozen Meats * Raised on the farm using organic practices.

Typical products we offer....

> Most Popular - Bacon (sells quickly), Sausages (Regular, Garlic and Honey Garlic), Breakfast Sausages, Ground Beef

> Chicken - Breasts, Drums, Thighs

> Pork - Ribs, Chops, Ground Pork

> Beef - Ground Beef, Liver, Steaks (steaks sell quickly, availability is more limited)

> Lamb - various cuts

> Other - soup bones, chicken necks & backs

For the meat, the price is sometimes by package / sometimes by weight per pound.

Typically a package of ground beef or sausages is $8-$10 each.

Bacon is $11-$12/pkg.

Pork ribs $12-$20.

For hours of operation and directions visit our Contact page here.
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