Animal-Well Being

Cows feeding in the barn.

Our farm animals are abundant and lively. With 70 milking cows and their offspring, chickens, turkeys, pigs, alpacas, a pony, a number of cats and kittens, as well as an Australian Shepherd named Bliss, there is never a dull moment. We work hard to keep everyone (animals and humans) living in happy, healthy harmony.     


Sheep in the pasture.We see our relationship with the animals we care for as a contract: we supply the animals with safety, shelter, community, good food, and health care. In exchange, the animals supply us with milk, wool, eggs and eventually meat.

On the farm we give the animals the opportunity to express their natural and social behaviour as much as possible.

Cow in the pasture.Our milking barn is an example of this: cows choose to eat, sleep, and give milk on their own schedule. When weather permits, they enjoy fresh air and food together on pasture all day.

Our pigs are raised on straw and in small groups.

Our free-range chickens and turkeys live outside all summer with access to fresh air and the opportunity to forage for food.

Goat at the fence.

By reducing animal stress, these conditions promote healthier immune systems. This results in fewer health problems and happier animals. In fact, our cows tend to live significantly longer than the average Ontario dairy cow. And even better, everyone is always happy to greet farm visitors!

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