Pumpkins 2018

Fri, Jul 27th, 2018

Our pumpkin patch will be open during our Fall Festival for Tours and Pick Your Own Pumpkins. 

Learn More about our Fall Festival dates, times and activities here...

The Pumpkins are Ready!

Large pumpkins: $5

Pie pumpkins, gourds: $3

Pick them up in front of the Farm Store, or head out and pick your own in the Pumpkin Patch.

Sept 19th - Pumpkin Ice Cream!

It's ready!  To learn more about our Pumpkin Ice Cream visit here.

Pumpkin ice cream on a spoon, pumpkin in background

August 27th

We have pumpkins in the field! As you can see, we have a variety of different kinds!
We can't wait until we can start picking them. 

July 24th

The pumpkin patch loved the rain this past week and the plants are going crazy!

On the right, you can see a pumpkin starting to form below the blossom.

Pumpkin collage July 24th

July 19th

Our plants have blossoms!

July 8th

Look at them grow!

Mid June

First Views of the pumpkins patch!
This year, we planted all the pumpkins in plastic to help with the weed control.

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We offer a number of FREE, family friendly attractions at our farm...

Main Dairy Barn - Open all year during Farm Store hours!

Meet the cows and see our Voluntary Milking system in action.

The following attractions are now closed for the Winter.... Will re-open mid May 2019!

Demonstration Barn - A variety of animals and feathered friends are ready to greet you including pigs, sheep and chickens.

Goat Pen - Visitors are welcome to enter the goat pen, located near the demo barn, and play with the goats!

 For more Attraction Info & Photos visit here...
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