Making Ice Cream - Pasteurization, Homogenization, Flavours & Freezing!

Wed, Sep 23rd, 2015

Mapleton's Cappuccino Ice CreamIn the initial stages of making our organic ice cream the focus is on creating the main ingredients of cream and condensed milk.

In the final stages, these ingredients along with sugar and eggs – are combined together in a large mixing tank.

Not only are these four ingredients mixed together they are also pasteurized in batches. Typically it takes 50 minutes to pasteurize 200 litres of this mix. For each batch it must be heated to a specific temperature and all of this must be recorded to comply with legal requirements.

Homogenization then Flavour Time!

After pasteurization, the mix is put through a homogenizer. During this process the mix is pushed at high pressure through a nozzle to break up any clumps in the ice cream, creating a creamy, smooth texture.

Next stop is the holding tank where it is kept cold. This is when flavor ingredients such as organic vanilla, ginger or fruit purees are added. To allow the flavor to mix in, the entire batch is kept at 3 degrees Celsius for 24 hours.

Vanilla Ice Cream being made at Mapleton'sContinuous Freezer & Adding Air

As the mix from the holding tank enters the continuous freezer it is stirred and air is added. We add 50% air to the mix to allow it to be scooped. Although this sounds like a significant amount of air, it is quite low compared to other ice cream making practices.

A good way to understand how much air has been pumped into ice cream is to compare the weight of containers of the same size. Mapleton's ice cream tends to be quite heavy in weight because it has less air than other more conventional ice creams.

When 'chunkier' ingredients such as fruit, maple sugar pieces or chocolate chips are part of the ice cream an extra machine is added to the continuous freezer to inject these into the ice cream.

Finally, the ice cream is pumped out into the various containers. It's consistency at this point is similar to soft serve. Next it's key to quickly freeze the ice cream to a very cold temperature.

At Mapleton's we freeze our ice cream to -32 degrees Celsius.

When ice cream temperatures fluctuate up and down it can become crystallized. By freezing our ice cream to -32, if the ice cream experiences variances in temperature as it is delivered or while in the store, its quality is much less likely to be affected.

Ready to Eat!

From here our organic ice cream is sold in retail locations across Canada as well as in our own farm store.

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