Making Ice Cream - How It All Began

Fri, May 29th, 2015

When you drive in the laneway at Mapleton's you'll see the farm store and café on your right. Just behind this is the dairy where all of Mapleton's wonderful ice creams are made and packaged.

Before deciding to make ice cream other products such as cheese, were also considered.

Hand holding a Mapleton's Organic Ice Cream Cone"Ice cream of course has a big 'fun' component," says Martin. "It makes people smile, and you can play around with flavours and be creative. This was one of the big reasons that in the end ice cream won out and became the first product we created."

To get started, Martin & Ineke contacted the "Ice Cream King". At the time, they were operating a successful frozen dessert home delivery business in Holland. The owner of this popular business came to Canada for two weeks to provide set up advice to Mapleton's.

As well, Ineke attended the world renowned ice cream making course at the University of Guelph by Professor Douglas Goff.

Martin can remember that first batch of ice cream clearly. "It was ready on May 5th, 2000 at 4pm. It was vanilla and it took 24 hours to make," he says without any hesitation. "Today we are a lot more efficient," he adds.

Over the years Mapleton's has expanded so that we now distribute our ice cream right across Canada.

This is the first blog post in our "Making Ice Cream" series.

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