Life on the Farm - May 2018

Tue, May 15th, 2018

Here are some updates from the farm during May 2018.


Here is Arwa, Herd Manager taking a moment to hang out with one of the ladies.  

Arwa hanging out with one of the ladies

And here she is with her dad...

Arwa and Martin in the Main Barn

Baby Chickadees

On the farm there are a number of nesting boxes for birds.  Here are 7 baby chickadees that Martin found in one of the boxes.

Baby chickadees in nesting box.

Welcome Bella!

Bella is the great grand daughter of Bessie who passed away at the end of 2016 after spending 14 years on our farm. With this new life Arwa celebrated Bessie in remembrance.

Collage of Bella calf pictures.

Then Bella gave Arwa a momentary panic while not being able to find Bella in the barn that same evening... not even 12 hours old and she had followed the cows to the field!

Baby calf Bella in the pasture

How Many Piglets?

Sally, our beautiful pregnant sow, got adventurous on the morning of May 21st and decided to visit some of the other animals on our farm.

She is expecting and due to give birth Friday May 25th or Saturday May 26th.   Arwa was surveying on Facebook about how many piglets she will have.  (Arwa's guess is 14.)

Some visitors commented on Facebook that they could see the piglets moving inside of Sally when they visited her on the long weekend.

Sally visiting the cows

The piglets arrived late Saturday May 26th into the early hours of Sunday May 27th.

Here they are the day after.

Sow and her piglets

More Arrivals!

Mid-May we welcomed baby turkeys and miniature goats.  The goats will not only be available to see in the Demonstration Barn area, but will be assisting with the Goat Yoga sessions we will be offering over the summer.

(More info about Goat Yoga available here if you are interested.)

Miniature goats at Mapleton's Organic May 2018

Group of baby turkeys

Baby Turkey on Water jug

Demonstration Barn Opening

Each year at Mapleton's we operate a Demonstration Barn in the warmer months where visitors can see and interact with a variety of animals and birds.

During the week of May 14th, we welcomed the alpaca's back, and a number of fluffy baby chicks arrived!

Baby chicks and alpacas at Mapleton's Organic

Pasture Party Time!

On Monday May 14th, the ladies headed out for another season on the pasture.

Some jumped and kicked up their heels!

Cow jumping

Cow running out to pasture

Some went for a head rub...

Head rub by cow in pasture

And there was lots of eating...

Cows in pasture with blue skies

Cow eating in pasture

"A Farmer's Joy" says Martin about this view...

Landscape photo of cows out in pasture

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Benefits of the Compost Pack

At Mapleton's we use a Compost Pack in our Main Dairy Barn.

To read more about this system and the benefits it offers our cows please visit here...

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