Life on the Farm - Jan to Apr 2018

Mon, Jan 22nd, 2018

Information & updates from January to April 2018.

Dirty Snow 

Soil erosion evident on snow.

Martin took this photo out and about the last week of January.  

(Please note, this is not a Mapleton's Organic field.)

You can see on the snow beside the field that top soil is blowing of the uncovered field.  This is what happens when you plough a field and then do not plant a cover crop.

The soil erosion is evident with snow, and will continue eroding until the spring when it will be planted.

Not only would a cover crop provide protection from soil erosion, it can be plowed under in the spring to compost into the soil, providing nutrients to future crops and building soil organic matter.

It's very important to keep top soil in place.  A loss of 1 millimetre per year is 1 inch in 25 years and we only have about 6 inches or less as it is.

Rosie & Arwa

Martin snapped this great photo mid-January.  Rosie loves Arwa and Arwa loves Rosie.

Rosie and Arwa at Mapleton's Organic

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