A Celebration June 25th

Tue, Jun 14th, 2022

Join us Saturday June 25th beginning at 3pm for a Celebration! 

On Saturday June 25th, the de Groot family will be hosting a celebration at Mapleton’s Organic to celebrate the life of Ineke, the retirement of Martin, and the de Groot family’s time on the farm.

There will be a short ceremony at 4pm followed by an old-fashioned farm barbeque. 

Collage Celebration ImageFamily and children welcome! 

We will have face painting, fun, and … (drum roll…) ice cream!

This will be a tented outdoor event with live music so we welcome you to come dressed comfortably. 

(The farm remains open as per regular business hours to visitors as well.)

If planning on attending please RSVP here or by emailing degrootfam8548@gmail.com       

If unable to attend and for more information please continue reading….

Ineke, Martin and their growing family began their time at the farm over 40 years ago, when they moved from Holland to Mapleton Township on November 6, 1980. 

In the early 1990s the farm began the transition to organic practices and both Ineke and Martin were active in many different organizations over the years, with many awards for their innovations. 

Their influence spans the world as they invited visitors, interns and many other guests over the years to the farm.

The past few months have been a time of transition for the farm. 

As of May 2022, the de Groot family welcomes the new owner - Korb Whale, his family, and team members who are taking on the leadership and operations of Mapleton’s Organic.

If you are able to attend the gathering, it would be appreciated if you can RSVP at this link (click here) or by emailing degrootfam8548@gmail.com

(Address 8548 Wellington Road 7 RR 1 Moorefield, ON - between Rothsay and Teviotdale.)

Additionally, it would mean a lot to the de Groot family to hear about how Martin, Ineke and the farm have played a role in your life – from a fun visit and lick by a cow to their organic perspective influencing your life. 

Please feel free to to send comments/photos to the family by email at degrootfam8548@gmail.com or by mail at Mapleton’s Organic  Attn:  de Groot Family  8548 Wellington Road 7  RR 1 Moorefield ON  N0G 2K0.

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