As our guest, you're welcome to take a stroll, explore some of the farm facilities, sit under a tree and take in the peaceful countryside. 

A stop at Mapleton's can turn into a full day of fun – meet the animals, get lost in the maze, of course, finish the day with an ice cream cone!

*Please note that our activities are open from late May to late October.

Mapleton's Organic Farm Map

Demonstration Barn and Barnyard

pirate ship

Meet the animals that call Mapleton's their home. At any time you'll find members of our animal community ready to greet you: pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, horses, and, of course, cows.  There is no charge to visit these areas!

Cedar Hedge Maze

This two-acre maze is sure to thrill every member of your family as you all try to find your way to the pirate ship at the centre.  

$5 per person.  Children under age 2 are free.  

Mapleton's Organic Store

View of demo barn from main barn

Corn Bin

Gateway to Cedar Hedge Maze

Playground Equipment

Cows at feeding time.

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