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2 Goats looking cute

**The Main Dairy Barn, Demonstration Barn, animal areas and most activities are open to visitors!!

Visitors in Main Dairy Barn

Fall is a great time to visit and explore our Adventure Area.

The attractions in this area are simple but provide a great way to explore with young children and enjoy time together outdoors in the fresh air.

There are 3 main activities...

Adventure Path - A path with a variety of textures that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete with young children.

There are some lovely views of the fields from the 'back' section.

Tire Mountain - Children enjoy climbing up the tires and sliding down.

Cedar Hedge Maze - See if you can find the pirate ship in the middle, and the pirate symbols along the way!

*As of August 31st, you can also visit the pigs and sheep in this area. Look for the red roofed barn.

Various photos from Adventure Area

We also suggest visiting our Facebook page which is where we are most active on social media.  This post available here shows favourite visitor experiences over the last year.

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Benefits of the Compost Pack

At Mapleton's we use a Compost Pack in our Main Dairy Barn.

To read more about this system and the benefits it offers our cows please visit here...

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